• Optical Module Specifications

The BNC Plug-In Model 040 is used with the BNC Model 6040 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe in photodiode detector testing, fiber optics testing and other applications blue-light applications. The Model 040 is similar to the Model 065 and 085 with a different center wavelength (405-420nm) and peak power (5mW CW, Pulse).



  • Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz; external 0 to 100 MHz
  • Pulse Width 3 ns to 640 s
  • Impulse 400 ps typical (fixed)
  • Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay)


  • Photo Multiplier
  • Photo Detector
  • Fiber Optics Testing


Light Out

Spectral Peak 850nm +/- 15nm (nominal)
Spectral Width less than 5nm (nominal)
Power Levels 0 to 2 mW baseline, 100 uW to 2 mW peak (Custom up to 10mW); independently adjustable. Impulse output fixed at 100 uW baseline, 1.5 mW peak (typical).
Resolution 10 uW, 100 uW to 2 mW pulses; 0 to 2 mW in External Modulation and CW.
Transition Times (20% to 80%) 500 ps rise time, 1.5 ns fall time (pulses with zero baseline) 1 ns rise time, 1 ns fall time (pulses with non zero baseline).
Dynamic Range 13 dB, pulses with zero baseline; 20 dB, pulses with nonzero baselineExternal Modulation and CW.
Accuracy (Nonzero Baseline) Absolute: +/- 1 dB, 200 uW to 2 mW. Relative: +/- 0.5 dB, 200 uW to 2 mW pulses;+ 30 uW, 200 uW to 2 mW for External Modulation and CW.
Temperature Coefficient 0.05 dB/°C.
Fiber 6/125 Single Mode Fiber standard (Contact Factory for custom); 0.21 NA.
Connector ST Standared (Contact Factory for custom)


Trigger Internal 0.01 Hz to 100 MHz; external 0 to 100 MHz.
Pulse Width 3 ns to 640 s.
Impulse 400 ps typical (fixed).
Delay 0 ns to 640 s (plus fixed delay).
External Drive 0 to 200 MHz, pulses with zero baseline; 0 to 300 MHz, pulses with nonzerobaseline; 300 mV min. amplitude; 50 ohm input.
External Modulation 100 Hz to 700 MHz (-3 dB); 100mV rms/mW sensitivity (typical); 50 ohminput.
Module Delay 10 ns typical (fixed) mainframe's Pulse Out to Light Out. Jitter 100ps rms.


A ROM determines the instrument's allowable operating conditions andunits of display applicable for the installed module.
A nonvolatile memory (RAM) in each module stores up to ten complete settings of operating conditions (trigger level, slope, etc.) and output pulse parameters.


The RAM-stored settings can be manually or bus transferred to the mainframeto produce the pre determined outputs.


2 Ibs net (0.9 kg); 5 Ibs shipping (2.3 kg). (When installed in a Model 6040 Mainframe, est. 24 lbs. shipping)


Same as Model 6040 mainframe.

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