• Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150
  • Model RD-150

The Model RD-150 Vehicle Based Radiation Detection System offers users a quick integration of spectroscopic nuclear detection capability in existing response vehicles. Large volume, highly sensitive gamma and neutron detectors are integrated into shock-absorbent packaging for reliable mobile monitoring. The unified monitoring system is scalable with multiple detector point options in your existing vehicles. Results in simple form, backed by full spectroscopic reports and identification details, are available to the vehicle operator in real time.

The Model RD-150 VBRDS is uniquely flexible, allowing quick setup and transfer from different vehicles. The modular approach with independent detector packaging enables a plug-and-play simplicity to adapt vehicles to a particular application. Detector positioning enables optimized detection geometry for pinch points, freeway passing, lot scans, or other clandestine monitoring requirements. The detector modules are tied to a comprehensive user interface running locally or remotely. Scalability of systems with this size and sensitivity is a first in the mobile detection industry.

The most popular User Interface option for the Model RD-150 is PeakAbout, the Berkeley Nucleonics Smartphone Application which conveniently illustrates isotope and isotope class-specific, color coded peaks, and bar graphs. The app is free and included with all shipments of Berkeley Nucleonics’ Nuclear Detection and Isotope Identification products. The rich feature-set in PeakAbout includes GPS Tagging, photo/video report appending, pop-up isotope help and ‘Push-to-Reachback’ functionality. In addition to PeakAbout, users may elect to integrate alarms or push-functions to existing communications and reporting systems.



  • Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detection
  • Integrate with Any Existing Vehicle
  • Vehicle, Marine, Aerial, or Crane Variants
  • Background Auto-Correction
  • Industry Lowest Sigma Trigger
  • Industrial, Shock Absorption
  • Gamma and Neutron Detection
  • PeakAbout App Integration
  • GPS Integrated Mapping


  • Large Public Event Monitoring
  • Industrial Accident Response
  • Plume/Background Mapping and Modeling
  • Large Facility Perimeter Monitoring
  • Vehicle/Marine/Airborne Detection
  • Locate Illicit Transportation of Radioactive Sources

System Hardware

At the core of the Model RD-150 is a high-performance MCA featuring DSP electronics and a high-voltage control system for optimum dynamic range. The digital processor is supplemented with an analog anode output to enhance timing functionality. The processor is a 32-Bit RISC with excellent data acquisition and processing functionality. The entire electronic module is packaged in a shock-reducing enclosure. The photomultiplier tube and NaI detector are matched prior to final hermetic seal to ensure that efficiency is optimized.

System Firmware

The data processing and management is extremely efficient and leverages several proprietary processing and post-processing techniques. A unique Wavelet Transform gives users a strong confidence level on a wide range of isotopes without being limited to a peak search in a Region of Interest (ROI).

The concurrent background correction and background subtraction, two separate algorithm enhancements, give second-by-second analysis an unprecedented confidence. These enhancements are particularly useful with high-sensitivity (large volume) NaI and moving applications where background shifts are common.

System Software

In addition to powerful spectroscopic data analysis and reporting, the Model RD-150 with the included PeakAbout App interface gives users features to address the larger situational needs. The full ANSI N42 report can be quickly examined, and then “Pushed” to a management team, reachback office, or series of several incident support options. Users can easily suspend the data acquisition to take pictures and videos, thereby including situational inputs in the spectroscopic report. Additional software hosted in the users application gives real time tutorials on an isotope-by-isotope basis to add credibility to the users disposition options. This focus on the larger application requirements differentiates PeakAbout and BNC’s line of Nuclear Radiation Detection instruments.



DetectorGamma 2x4x16 NalUp to 3 Units/ Systems
ElectronicsDigital MCA32-Bit RISC, ARM Cortex
 Conversion12-Bit (65 Msps)
 Data Buffer54 Kbyte
 Energy Range0.010 - 3.0 MeV
 Resolution7% nom. FWHM @662 keV
Temperature-20degC -50degC 
IdentificationANSI Isotope ListColor Coded
 ANSI Isotope ClassColor Coded
 Multi-Isotope Identification 
 Real Time Response<1 Sec, first 3 Isotopes
AlgorithmProprietary Wavelet Transform 
 Background CorrectionReal Time
 Background SubtractionAnalysis-Based
CalibrationMulti-Peak, AutomaticEach Module Individually
PackagingDetector Module29.7"x19.8"x9.9"
 Shock Absorption 
 Weight58 lbs/ Detector Module
 Vehicle PositioningSelf-Contained Enclosure
 PeakAbout App (Recommended) 
 ANSI N42 Data FeedRemote Access
PowerBattery, Internal Li-Ion>24 hours
 Vehicle Powered 
GPS DataReport BasedCoordinate Tagged Reports
 Radiological MappingColor-Contour Mapping


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