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The Model PM1703M-01 is the world’s smallest dual-detector design that meets ANSI standards 42.32 and 42.33 Type I for both dosimeters and personal radiation detectors (PRD). Rugged, water resistant, and reliable, the detector and electronics have been developed to meet IEC 61526 standards for radiation protection survey instruments, IP65 standard for weather-resistant enclosure, and ANSI N42.42 for accurate collection and storage of critical information.

As an interdiction device, this sensitive scintillator will detect small traces of radiation in pedestrians, parcels, cargo, or vehicles. Vehicle mounted devices will detect radiation from an adjacent vehicle or as pedestrians are passing. The alarm modes give end users the option of loud audible and visual alarms, silent vibration alarms, or both. As a dosimeter, the Model PM1703M-01 gives the responder an accurate accumulated dose history, with alternate alarm settings and thresholds. This allows the first responder to gauge issues like reaching a present maximum total dose or number of minutes to continue working during a radioactive event.

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