Model PM1703GN support resources

The Model PM1703MB and Model PM1703GNB introduce a new generation of Gamma/Gamma-Neutron Pagers to the Homeland Security market. These sophisticated devices combine the rugged, simple interface the industry expects with unprecedented analytical ability and processing power. The devices, while operating much like conventional radiation detection pagers, collect and store spectroscopic data. The added functionality of spectral gathering enables the management and expert analysis of radiological incidents.

Information is downloaded from the Pager to a Pocket PC, IPAQ or Smartphone for further analysis, isotope identification or electronic mailing to back end support. Team leaders can provide their staff with a radiation detection pager that provides highly sensitive alarming of radiation in real time, but also stores and transfers the alarm information. Transfer of data is simple and ties in easily to existing network infrastructure, GPS functionality, or classified AI protocol.

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