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"New software updates and procedural changes have been implemented to address the Spring 2012 Japanese Regulatory requirements. We have improved our procedures to measure 10 Bq/Kg and can guarantee an MDA well below that number with proper shielding in place."

The Model 971 Food-SSAFE Kit offers customers a faster, more cost effective alternative to HPGe counting of food and water samples. New processors and shielded detectors combine for state of the art performance in a budget-conscious analysis system. The spectroscopic data is analyzed by the system in real time, providing nuclear contamination information for immediate disposition. Processes may be automated for even greater throughput. An optional CeBr detector (Model 971-1N1C) gives medium resolution spectroscopic back-up data for mission critical applications.

The system fits conveniently into a large hard case and includes the detector, shielding, containers, MCA and computer system. The included software package includes a comprehensive utility for wide range of sample materials. The flexible system can accommodate liquids and solids and can be modified in the field with limited technical support. Analyzing radiation in foods such as milk, meat, fish, grains, and fruits can be accomplished with the included plastic beakers. Soil, water, fertilizer, and other materials can also be analyzed. Results are presented in Bq/l or Bq/kg depending on the geometry used.

Radioactive material in the sample is detected with a sodium iodide or cerium bromide scintillation probe using a Marinelli geometry for soil, water, and bulk samples or a 2-inch filter geometry for wipes and air samples. The 500ml beaker is placed in a 1-inch thick lead shield. Depending on the sampling time and the isotope, the detection limit is approximately 10 Bq/l and can easily identify concentrations of Iodine 131, Cesium 134, and Cesium 137.

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