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Our groundbreaking new Radiation Isotope Identifier (called a RIID by Dept of Homeland Security) offers a suite of features to address a growing range of applications. From the technical needs of a health physicist, to a food and drug inspector, to a first responder in a HAZMAT suit, the SAM 940 Defender and Revealer will excite your field users.

The Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 Defender was developed to give users what they need: simple operation options, the ability to react quickly, and automatically obtain reliable, accurate technical data. Several modes of operation give users a range of technical reports on isotope identification and dose rate characterization. The most simple is a basic Isotope ID; the most complex includes nuclide specific dose calculations, GPS and historical data and an analysis of statistical confidence levels.

Upon power-up, the SAM 940 performs a quick self-test and immediately begins monitoring; even after a lengthy power-down, temperature stabilization and automatic calibration guarantees accurate isotope identification results.

940 StreamView 1.0 - New Software utility that allows real time data read outs of the SAM 940 on a remote PC. The dial indicator is similar to the dial indicator on the SAM 940 display.

New WiFi adapter allows data streaming over local WiFi Network to any authorized user. Gamma and Neutron data is reported.

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