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Model 745-20C —

20 Channel DDG

The Model 745-20C Digital Delay Generator provides users with an amazing twenty independent channels of delay and width (pulses). The delay resolution on the standard unit is 100 picoseconds (ps) with an optional 250 femtosecond (fs) timing upgrade on 10 channels. The jitter is also industry leading, with

To trigger your instrument, you can use a very low signal without need for amplification. For example, this allows you to synchronize to a laser cavity without introducing a signal amplifier. That low signal input would be routed through the external input trigger (labeled TRIG IN). Alternatively, you may trigger with one of three synchronized internal rate generators, a front panel selection or a SCPI command. A To output pulse marks zero delay for each trigger. All parameters (delay/amplitude/width/trigger….) may also be controlled with an embedded GUI that opens in an HTML browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome at 10 or 100 Mb/s rates.

The Model 745-20C is uniquely suited to gate, delay, pulse and synchronize many experiments in the nanosecond and picosecond domain. The pace saving, reduced calibration costs and simple control of so many channels are ideal for users of multiple channels of timing.

Manuals and support documents: 
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