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Model 507 —

High Current Pulse Generator

The Model 507 High Current Pulse Generator is an ideal fire set for airbag squib, detonator, and pyrotechnics initiator testing.

The instrument provides adjustable current signals up to 25 amps. The unit comes with 2 or 4 digitally controlled load resistant independent outputs.

Output pulse widths and delays are unique to each channel and can be precisely controlled from 0.1 to 100 msec in 200 ns steps.

The Current Pulse Generator also provides a TTL Sync output to T0 – particularly useful as a reference source/trigger for cameras or other equipment.

Applications such as air bag deployment testing (squib detonation), igniter triggering, or ballistics work can be done reliably, safely, and with a high level of repeatability.

Manuals and support documents
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Software, firmware, and drivers
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LabVIEW drivers

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Berkeley Nucleonics is a proud certified partner of National Instrument and a pioneer in LabView development. We develop full featured measurement tools for test benches ranging from simply hobbyists to the most demanding applications, our goal is to enable our customers to maximize productivity and performance by taking full advantage of the extensibility of LabView.

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