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The Model MCA2500R is a new, fully digital Multi-Channel Analyzer designed for NaI based nuclear spectroscopy across a broad spectrum of applications. The new design offers many new features previously reserved for far more expensive MCA systems. With a built in 10/100 Ethernet communication protocol, this model offers both speed and network application flexibility. Throughput has been improved to 75,000 cps and new digital outputs offer controls for sample changers, external alarms or other auxiliary components. The MCA2500R is also a core component to our spectroscopic area monitors, used for medical, industrial and security monitoring or radiation in real time.

The MCA2500R is a stand-alone gamma spectrometer designed for use with scintillation detectors including NaI and LaBr. It is packaged as a peripheral to the PC, and one or more units can be connected via Ethernet. The MCA2500R features digital pulse processing using a 50 MHz 14-bit ADC, with software control over the trapezoidal filter shaping time. The system can operate either as a standard 1024-channel MCA in linear mode or as a 512-channel MCA in QCC™ (Quadratic Compression Converter™) mode. In QCC mode, the system delivers uniform peak resolution from 20 to 3000 keV with 512 channels of resolution. The MCA2500R includes the QuantumMCA software. All hardware setup and calibration functions are made through QuantumMCA. For ease of setup, the software performs automatic adjustments of the detector bias and gain. For applications that require quantitative analysis, PGT's Quantum family of software packages has a number of software options that will satisfy your needs.

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