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Models 090 and 106C provide operating capabilities unavailable from other 904 and 1064 nanometer optical sources. Among them, repetition rates to 100 MHz and precision control of amplitude and time domain.

Combined with the BNC Model 6040 Mainframe, these modules generate fast pulses, subnanosecond impulses, and CW light while maintaining the excellent timing accuracy, low jitter, and nanosecond resolution of the mainframe. In addition, the 090 and 106C have two inputs for stimulus from external signal sources: External Drive and External Modulation.

With External Drive, the optical outputs are fast edge speed, flat top pulses corresponding to the input signal timing. In External Modulation, an electrical signal is converted into analog optical form. Thus, it is now possible to transform signals from instruments such as a function or arbitrary waveform generator into their optical equivalents at 904 and 1064 nm as well as the other wavelengths described in the Model 6040 product bulletin.

Manuals and support documents
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