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CeBr3 High Resolution / Low Background Scintillators

CeBr3 scintillation crystals are characterized by their high resolution, fast decay time, and low intrinsic background properties. With a background count as low as <0.001 c/cc/s in the Ac-227 complex, CeBr3 presents a distinct advantage over other high-resolution scintillators which suffer from this intrinsic activity. CeBr3 crystals are available either canned or fully assembled with light readout (PTM or SiPM) and front-end electronics. Sizes ranging from small pixels for arrays to volumes as large as 102x127 mm are now possible. CeBr3 is also a fast scintillator with an absence of slow components. There are currently two versions of CeBr3 that are commercially available, standard background and low background (LB). The low background variety results in less activity in the Ac-227 peaks when compared to standard CeBr3. Standard: 0.025 c/s/cc and Low Background Background: 0.00125 c/s/cc in the Ac-227 complex. Contact BNC to discuss your application or for pricing information. Comprehensive white papers on CeBr3 vs. LaBr3 and Time Resolution below 120 ps with CeBr3 are also available on request.

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