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Pulse & Delay Generators

Pulse & Delay Generators

  • 577 250 ps Pulse Generator Front

    Model 577 —

    Digital Delay / Pulse Generator

    The Model 577 provides multi-channel 250 ps-resolution timing, delaying, gating, pulsing, and synchronizing functions at an attractive price. In addition to the traditional digital delay and pulse generator modes, there are many practical modes of operation and features. For usefulness and value, there is... Read more

    • Model 745T

      Model 745T —

      Femtosecond Digital Delays with 5 Picosecond Jitter

      The Model 745T Digital Delay Generator (DDG) offers the world's leading performance in a benchtop timing instrument. 25 years ago, our Model 7095 Digital Delay Generator dramatically advanced research with jitter below 25 ps. Now, with all the features of a modern DDG, the Model 745T gives users incredible performance at a fraction of the cost. The Model 745T offers... Read more

      • Internal Trigger, Delays < 100ns: 2 picoseconds
      • Internal Trigger, Delays > 100ns: 15 picoseconds + timebase
      • External Trigger, Delays < 100ns: 25 picoseconds
    • Model 745-OEM —

      Compact Digital Delay Generator - Channel to channel jitter is less than 25 ps rms

      Berkeley Nucleonics' Model 745-OEM is a compact digital delay generator intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The module delay Generator provides four or eight independent delayed pulses. Delays up to 10 seconds can be programmed with 0.25ps resolution and channel to channel jitter is less than 25 ps rms. One T0 channel is used to time reference all output delayed pulses. MCX outputs... Read more

      • 4 high resolution delay channels0.25 ps time resolution
      • 25 ps RMS  jitter
      • 5ps RMS jitter for short delays
    • Model 6010 —

      Light Pulse Generator

      The Model 6010 Light Pulse Generator is a new type of light generator that offers the versatility and functions found previously only in electrical pulse generators. With this instrument, you can control and vary pulse repetition rate, pulse width, pulse delay, and peak light power level.

      The Model 6010 is both a light... Read more

      • 20 MHz Repetition Rate
      • Power output: 5 µW - 200 nW
      • Spectral Band Width: up to ±30 nm
    • Model 575

      Model 575 —

      Digital Delay / Pulse Generator

      The Model 575 provides multi-channel 250 ps-resolution timing, delaying, gating, pulsing, and synchronizing functions for an attractive price. There are many practical modes of operation and features in addition to the traditional digital delay and pulse generator modes. For usefulness and value – there is... Read more

      • Model 745T-20C

        Model 745T-20C —

        20 Channel DDG

        The Model 745T-20C Digital Delay Generator provides users with an amazing twenty independent channels of delay and width (pulses). The delay resolution on the standard unit is 100 picoseconds (ps) with an optional 250 femtosecond (fs) timing upgrade on 10 channels. The jitter is also industry leading, with <5ps using short delays and an internal clock, or <25ps with longer delays or... Read more

        • 588 1U Pulse Generator

          Model 588 —

          1U Rack Mount 8 Channel DDG

          With the Model 588, we have packaged the precision pulse and digital delay timing designs in a convenient package for embedded and OEM applications. The new Model 588 1U DDG gives users 8 channels of precision timing in a package designed for remote applications and large system gating/syncronizing.

          ... Read more

          • 588-OEM Board Level Pulse Gen.

            Model 588-OEM —

            OEM Series Board Level Pulse Generator

            The 588-OEM series board products retain all functionality of the standard pulse generators in an easy-to-integrate package. These boards provide a cost-effective method to create and synchronize multiple sequences, delayed triggering, or any precisely timed series of events. We offer optional computer... Read more

            • Model 505

              Model 505 —

              Digital Delay Pulse Generator

              Model 505 expands the previously established boundaries of antiquated pulse generating equipment by adding eight independent channels, multiple modes of operation, and 16 different edges into a single instrument. As a pulse generator, the Model 505 provides rate, delay, width, and output adjustability with... Read more

              • Model 725

                Model 725 —

                Multi-trigger Digital Delay Generator

                Researchers and system integrators, needing controls and diagnostics for their experiments and systems, are regularly forced to build from scratch or to piece together several boxes. Many hours are spent learning the idiosyncrasies of each box and how to properly couple boxes to each other. Each box has its own programming protocol. Valuable time is lost to tracking connections, taming noisy... Read more