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Light Pulse Generators

Light Pulse Generators

  • Model 085

    Model 085 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe

    Used in conjunction with BNC Model 6040 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe. The Model 065 is similar to the Model 085 except for the following: The spectral peak is 650nm.

    The Model 040 is similar to the 085 except for the center wavelength is 405nm and peak power is 5mW.

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    • 904 nm Optical Module Specifications

      Model 090 - 904 NM Optical Pulse Module

      The Model 090 Optical Module is used with the BNC Model 6040 Optical Pulse Generator Mainframe, much like Model 065 or Model 085. The primary difference with this module is that the spectral peak is 904nm and power can be selected up to 10mW from a single mode 9/125 fiber.