Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection
  • Model PM1703GN

    Model PM1703GN

    The Model PM1703MB and Model PM1703GNB introduce a new generation of Gamma/Gamma-Neutron Pagers to the Homeland Security market. These sophisticated devices combine the rugged, simple interface the industry expects with unprecedented analytical ability and processing power. The devices, while operating much like conventional radiation detection pagers, collect and store spectroscopic data. The... Read more

    • Extremely Sensitive CsI(TI) and Lil(Eu) Scintillation Detectors
    • Easy to use, two button operation; doesn't require any special knowledge
    • USB, Bluetooth, or IRDA communication
  • Model 2500R

    Model 2500R

    The Model MCA2500R is a new, fully digital Multi-Channel Analyzer designed for NaI based nuclear spectroscopy across a broad spectrum of applications. The new design offers many new features previously reserved for far more expensive MCA systems. With a built in 10/100 Ethernet communication protocol, this model offers both speed and network application flexibility. Throughput has been... Read more

    • Digital pulse processing with shaping times from 40 ns up to 10 us
    • Maximum throughput: over 75,000 cps
    • Built-in dead time correction
  • Model PM1703M

    Model PM1703M —

    radiation detection for non-technical personnel

    The PM1703M is the latest generation in radiation detection for non-technical personnel. In the event of a radiological emergency, first response team members equipped with a PM1703M can immediately survey a large area for any radiological presence because of a dramatic improvement in detector sensitivity and response time. The instrument discreetly detect radiation and alert the operator... Read more

    • Highly sensitive, reliable, and easy to use
    • Dual mode: exposure rate data or 1-9 strength indicator
    • Rugged and watertight, outfitted with belt clip
  • Compton Suppression

    Compton Suppressors —

    Anti Compton Shields

    Compton Suppression Shields are scintillation detector assemblies that are mounted around a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector to detect the gamma rays scattered by the Ge crystal when a Compton event occurs. Many options are available and careful consideration should be taken when selecting the scintillation crystal(s) and the assembly design. Please download our comprehensive application... Read more

    • Model PM1703MO-1

      Model PM1703MO-1 —


      The Model PM1703M-01 is the world’s smallest dual-detector design that meets ANSI standards 42.32 and 42.33 Type I for both dosimeters and personal radiation detectors (PRD). Rugged, water resistant, and reliable, the detector and electronics have been developed to meet IEC 61526 standards for radiation protection survey instruments, IP65 standard for weather-resistant enclosure, and ANSI N42.... Read more

      • Functions in wide range of applications
      • Exposure Rate or Easy-Mode 1-9 Available
      • Network-Ready data feeds
    • Silicon Photomultiplier Readout —


      Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) offer an alternative to the readout of scintillation crystals with Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). SiPMs are especially ideal in applications where a compact package and low voltage operation are crucial. The energy resolution and noise level achievable with SiPM readout varies with the type of scintillator, crystal dimensions, and the surface area covered by the... Read more

    • Model 940

      Model 940

      Our groundbreaking new Radiation Isotope Identifier (called a RIID by Dept of Homeland Security) offers a suite of features to address a growing range of applications. From the technical needs of a health physicist, to a food and drug inspector, to a first responder in a HAZMAT suit, the SAM 940 Defender and Revealer will excite your field users.

      The Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 Defender... Read more

      • SAM 940 Videos
      • Industry Leading Spectral Resolution
      • No Warm Up or Waiting Period
    • Cerium Bromide —

      CeBr3 High Resolution / Low Background Scintillators

      CeBr3 scintillation crystals are characterized by their high resolution, fast decay time, and low intrinsic background properties. With a background count as low as <0.001 c/cc/s in the Ac-227 complex, CeBr3 presents a distinct advantage over other high-resolution scintillators which suffer from this intrinsic activity. CeBr3 crystals are available either canned or fully assembled with... Read more

      • Model 950 (RIID) —

        Ruggedized Isotope Identifier

        The Model SAM 950 Ruggedized Isotope Identifier is designed to meet the requirements of ANSI 42.34 criteria for hand-held instruments for the detection and identification of radionuclides. Our patented “Smartphone based hand-held RIID” feature provides a superb solution for the demanding requirements of Homeland Security in the USA and other countries. This ruggedized handheld radiation... Read more

        • Designed to meet/exceed all ANSI N42.34 requirements
        • Ruggedized Design - Water & Shock Resistant
        • PDA based hand-held RIID (patented)
      • sam945

        Model 945 —

        SAM III Isotope Identifier with Reachback

        The new, all-in-one, RIID from Berkeley Nucleonics offers customers a rugged alternative to detachable detectors with a full suite of new features leveraging modern cell phone technology. The renaissance in handheld electronics (Smartphone, PDA, etc) has led to tremendous advancements in processing power and allows statistical calculations to be processed at a remarkable speed. In parallel,... Read more

        • Auto Calibration (-20°C to 50°C )
        • Real-Time Background Correction — New Feature
        • Built-in Energy Stabilization