• Model BH-1

The Model BH-1 is a tail pulse generator which simulates the broad range of pulses encountered in the nuclear field. Typical applications of the Model BH-1 include: determining the proper timing of linear gates and coincidence units , linearity measurements of amplifiers, threshold setting of discriminators and single channel analyzers, and measuring resolution flow noise amplifiers.



  • Repetition rate 10 Hz - 1 MHz
  • Delay adjustable from -50 ns to 10 ms
  • Rise time 20 ns - 50 µs
  • Fall time 50 ns - 1000 /°s
  • Integral linearity of amplitude ±0.1%
  • Output amplitude: to 9.99 volts from 50 ohms
  • Amplitude jitter: less than 0.002% rms



Frequency 10 Hz to 1 MHz, continuously adjustable.
External Trigger Requires 1 volt, positive pulse.
Single Cycle One pulse occurs each time the push button is pressed.
Single/Double Pulse This toggle provides for a pulse pair whose separation is varied by the delay controls.

Minimum separation is 50 ns.

Rise Time of Output (10-90%) 20 ns to 50 us (in 11 steps), exponential shape and independent of decay time.
Decay Time Constant of Output(100-37%) 50 ns to 1000 us (in 11 steps), exponential shape and independent of risetime for decay/rise time >10.
Trigger Out Positive 3 volt pulse, 10 ns rise time, 0.2 us witdh, 50 ohms output impedance.
Delay -50 ns advance to 10 ms delay (between Trigger Out and leading edge of output pulse).
Output Amplitude Zero to 9.99 volts maximum. Adjustable by ten-turn potentiometer.
Attenuator X10 and X100 providing up to 1000: 1.
Integral Linearity of Output ±0.1%.
Duty Factor Effect Amplitude shift less than 0.1% below 30% duty factor. Duty factor in percent for tail pulses is defined as: (8 decay time constants/pulse spacing) X100.
Output Polarity Positive or negative.
Output Impedance 50 ohms.
External Reference Input ±15 volts max.
Jitter of Frequency and Delay Less than 0.1%.
Temperature Coefficient of Output Less than 0.03%/°C.
Amplitude Jitter (Resolution) Less than 0.01% peak, 0.002% rms of pulse amplitude.
Power Required +24 V at 50 mA, -24 V at 50 mA, +12 V at 175 mA, -12 V at 80 mA.
Mechanical Dimensions Double-witdh AEC module, 2.70 inches wide by 8.70 inches high. Conformsto AEC Report TID-20893 (Rev. 2).
Weight 3.5 lbs. net, shipping 7 Ibs.


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