• Model 745T-20C

The Model 745-20C Digital Delay Generator provides users with an amazing twenty independent channels of delay and width (pulses). The delay resolution on the standard unit is 100 picoseconds (ps) with an optional 250 femtosecond (fs) timing upgrade on 10 channels. The jitter is also industry leading, with

To trigger your instrument, you can use a very low signal without need for amplification. For example, this allows you to synchronize to a laser cavity without introducing a signal amplifier. That low signal input would be routed through the external input trigger (labeled TRIG IN). Alternatively, you may trigger with one of three synchronized internal rate generators, a front panel selection or a SCPI command. A To output pulse marks zero delay for each trigger. All parameters (delay/amplitude/width/trigger….) may also be controlled with an embedded GUI that opens in an HTML browser such as Internet Explorer or Chrome at 10 or 100 Mb/s rates.

The Model 745-20C is uniquely suited to gate, delay, pulse and synchronize many experiments in the nanosecond and picosecond domain. The pace saving, reduced calibration costs and simple control of so many channels are ideal for users of multiple channels of timing.



The Model 745-20C Digital Delay Generator offers users several options for triggering timing channels: External (for single shot only), Internal and Remotely. Externally trigger on the positive or negative slope of your trigger signal and select a level from 0.1V to 5.0V. This internal rep rate generator may be started by front panel pushbutton or remotely via your software interface. Either trigger mode may be set in one-shot or repetitive.

Optional Channel Feature -- Channel Grouping

Using several channels in a group, we can achieve greater performance. For your special needs, contact our customer support team.



The Model 745-20C can be expanded to provide up to 60 channels from a single trigger, all with the same high performance.




Channels 20 independent delay outputs
Range 0 to 10 s
Resolution 100 ps
RMS Jitter 25 ps (T0 to any output)
Accuracy < 250 ps + delay x 10-7
Time base 0.05 ppm stability

Trigger source

internal 3 generators 0.1Hz to 1 kHz
external 2 Single Shots (0s and -1s)
command 2 Single Shots (0s and -1s)
Output T0 6V / 50 , 100ns

Outputs T1 to T20

Amplitude 3 V to 6 V / 50
Rise/ fall time 5 ns/ 5 ns
Width 100 ns to 300 ms
Polarity +/-
Connector BNC
Clock input (1) 10 MHz to 100 MHz (customer choice fixed input)


Interface Control Front panel, Ethernet/ Internet (Webpage)
Software Free Drivers for Win7
Size Rack 19", 2U, D= 300mm
Power 90 to 220 V / 0.5 A


Outputs: Type
2.5 to 10 V, Square
5 to 20 V
32 V

Delay Resolution
1 ps

Rack Mount Kit

Add GFT101 module
Electrical to Optical output

Add GFT500 module (fast rise time)
200ps Step Generator Module

Add GFT200 module
Optical to Fast Electrical Pulse of 10 volts under 50Ω

Add P/N 7130 module
Output pulse 32V amplitude under 50Ω, < 3ns rise time

Add GFT400 module
2V under 50 Ω, narrow 500ps width pulses


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PDF icon Model 745-20C User Manual v0.632.55 MB
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